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  • Are tickets refundable? Transferable? What if a show is cancelled due to Covid?
    Whilst we absoloutely understand that people's plans change, or their babysitting falls through, we do not offer refunds nor exchanges. You are however most welcome to give (or sell) your tickets to your friends or loved ones. The obvious exception to the 'no refunds policy' is if a show is cancelled or postponed. So, in these trying times of Covid, you can still pre-book with confidence, knowing that if a show is cancelled or postponed, you are welcome to a refund.
  • Can we book a table at Camelot? And if so, how?"
    Yes! Anyone who books 8 or more tickets, is entitled to book a table! After you have prebooked, please email to confirm your table. All other tables (such as for smaller groups) will be available on a first come, first served basis!
  • Is Camelot a standing or sitting venue? Does a ticket guarantee me a seat?
    Pretty much everyone gets a seat. On sold out nights, occasionally someone might miss out on a seat. Arriving as early as you can is always recommended, and conversely, arriving really really close to show time isn’t necessarily the best course of action.
  • Is Camelot an all ages venue?
    Yes! Children are welcome, as long as they are accompanied by a responsible adult, and they don’t buy drinks for those responsible adults. Please note that children also require a ticket - as they affect our overall capacity on the night.
  • Are we compelled to eat in order to drink, and can we order food spontaneously if we're hungry?"
    You are welcome to drink without eating, and eat without drinking! You can order our delicious food on a whim until the kitchen closes – but we serve tantalising desserts all night!
  • How do I qualify as a concession?
    For some shows, the artists will decide to offer a concession price. You will need to show I.D. at the door that proves you’re a student, a senior, unemployed, or even better, an unemployed senior student. Children qualify as concessions, unless there is a separate kids price specified.
  • My printer doesn't work, or I've lost my tickets... now what?"
    No problem if you don’t have your tickets printed out – we have a list of everyone that has prebooked.
  • Can we have our party or private function at Camelot Lounge or Django Bar?
    You certainly can! If you’d like to bring your party to an existing night of music (a public show), email us with what you have in mind. It’s not uncommon for people to bring their party of 20 – 50 people to one of our big exciting party nights. Look out for bands such as Mucho Mambo, Kriola Collective, Bump City, Jungle Boogie, Monsieur Camembert, Marsala, Nadya's 101 Candles, Johnny G & The E-types, Victor Valdes Mariachi nights, Barrio Latin Soul, and many many more. Exclusive hire of either Camelot or Django Bar (or both) is also possible – and we have all sorts of food/drink packages to suit different styles of parties! Birthdays – weddings to product launches – we have hosted them all – and it is truly the ultimate party destination. Unfortunately we don’t do 18th’s or 21sts. Email for more info…
  • Do you have disabled access?
    Yes! We are pleased to say we have a lift at Camelot Lounge. The lift is situated at the Camelot Stage Door (103 Railway Pde, Marrickville) When you get here, either send a friend upstairs to let us know we need to open the stage-door, or call 9550 3777 upon arrival.
  • Do you take prebookings over the phone?
    No we do not take ticket bookings over the phone. The only way to prebook tickets is online through – which you can do until 5pm on the day of the show. Otherwise you can buy tickets at the door on the night until they are sold out.
  • Can I BYO food or alcohol? Birthday cake?
    Under no circumstances can you bring food or drinks of any description into Camelot Lounge or Django Bar (and we do check bags that look like they may contain BYO’s) The one exception to this is birthday cakes, which you can bring in with pleasure (no 'cakeage' charges for you!)
  • Can we dance?
    During Covid, the NSW laws have shifted many times. Currently, dancing is ABSOLUTELY allowed! While our Covid-safe capacity doesn't currently accommodate a dedicated dance-floor, you are welcome to dance wherever there is space!
  • Why can't my taxi driver find Camelot Lounge? How hard would it be to have adequate signage?
    Camelot Lounge is straddling the corner of 103 Railway Pde and 19 Marrickville Rd, Marrickville. There is a huge illuminated sign on the Marrickville Rd side of the building (above a huge mural painted by the incredible Hugues Sineaux) but no signage at the public entrance at 19 Marrickville Rd. Finding us is part of the fun.
  • Is there parking? How far are you from the nearest train station?
    There is usually ample street parking on Railway Pde. Also lots of options on the other surrounding streets. The closest train station is SYDENHAM (not Marrickville!) – less than 5 minutes walk away!
  • Do you have gluten free or vegetarian options?
    Yes we have gluten free and vegetarian pizzas (cheeseless for the vegans), as well as a delicious vegetarian share-plate. If have any food allergies, it’s better you eat at home, or just don’t eat! (Even our staff contain traces of nuts).
  • Do you accept camel donations?
    We certainly do! It is a delightful surprise when people wish to add to the camel collection, and we treat all camels with the love and respect that they deserve.
  • How do I get a gig at Camelot or Django Bar? Or a job perhaps?
    Camelot and Django are both curated spaces – that is to say we only put on music that we believe suits the spaces stylistically and energetically! If you think your music falls into one or both of those categories, please don’t call us – please DO email us at with samples of your work and a description of the show/night you propose. We have a huge volume of enquiries, but we certainly will get back to you as soon as we can. As for staff positions, please email with your resume, and what area of endeavor you imagine yourself in (bar, kitchen, doorperson, spiritual guidance etc)
  • Is there a dress code at Camelot and Django bar?
    You can dress in a whatever you fancy! Cross-dressing, fancy-dressing, theme-dressing, undressing all welcome. We only ask that you wear shoes at all times, for OH&S.
  • What is the difference between Camelot & QIRKZ? Are they the same venue?
    QIRKZ is the "underground" predecessor of Camelot Lounge - and has been closed for several years! Camelot has way more camels, QIRKZ has way more of everything else. QIRKZ is currently relocating to the Hunter Valley - stay tuned for more information about this thrillingly exciting project!
  • Will we feel rather ill if we inadvertently consume the Camelot Hand-Sanitizer?
    Yes! While it’s undeniably high in alcohol, we strongly suggest consuming our delicious cocktails instead. Did someone say Salted Caramel Old Fashioned?
  • If we leave a message on your answering machine, will you get back to me some time soon?"
    As long as your question is not one of the 20 questions above, there is at the very least a 50/50 chance that we WILL get back to you anytime soon.
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